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At Essex Tyre Company, we are concerned with every aspect of tyre efficiency. For that reason we offer optional Nitrogen tyre inflation.

An important part of how your vehicle's tyre's perform is correct tyre pressure at all times. Most tyres are inflated with compressed air, which is 79% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, free water, water vapour and other impurities. The Oxygen and impurities permeates from the tyre 10 times quicker than Nitrogen, and if not properly maintained will result in higher rolling resistance on the road surface, which leads to higher fuel consumption, more co2 emissions, reduced road holding and handling, and less tyre life span.

     Oxygen and impurities                       Nitrogen

The benefits of Nitrogen tyre inflation all surround the single most important feature, which is pressure retention. Nitrogen maintains its presence within the tyre cavity 10 times longer than compressed air to provide constant an predictable pressure for the tyre during its service life leading to the following benefits :-

  • SAFETY - Because the tyre pressure is maintained correct so the footprint of the tyre provides optimum performance.
  • INCREASED TYRE LIFE - Due to the tyre running at its correct pressure,the rolling resistance is reduced minimising the amount of drag on the tyre and therefore increasing the tyre life which can be as much as 25%.
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY - Once again as rolling resistance is at its optimum and drag is reduced, so the fuel used to drive the vehicle is reduced. this can vary but is not unusual to experience up to a 5% saving.
  • REDUCED PUNCTURE RISK - Most punctures occur on under inflated tyres, this is because the tyre is more vulnerable to penetration when dragging on the road surface due to under inflation.

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